Tuesday, September 7, 2010


(An aside: go Google images for "wisdom." The results are quite interesting. I decided not to add one to this post, partially because of the results I found. Amazing how wisdom means so many different things!)

Something that's been on my mind lately: how do the wisdom talked about in Proverbs and the moment-by-moment guidance from the Holy Spirit compare? Are they the same thing? I've been reading the Proverb for the day, most days, and have had lots of time to consider this. I have no definite answers, but here are some thoughts. Love to hear yours as well!

-Everything good is from God, therefore any wisdom is from God.

-People didn't have the Holy Spirit when Proverbs was written, so they were missing a very important component of wisdom that we have readily available to us in the New Testament.

-I remember from Bible school (but couldn't quote references without some study) that wisdom in Proverbs is Christ personified, so technically all the wisdom there was complete.

-Proverbs regularly talks about the wisdom from God, as opposed to the wisdom of the world...

In other not really related news, Lisa Bevere is releasing a new book on Sept 21st, and I'm excited about it. She's one of my favorites.

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