Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY, September 23, 2010

Outside my window...Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, light breeze. I must admit that I love September's weather. It's the ominous months of snow approaching that I dread. :)

I am thinking...about our family schedule. I have more students than I've had in a while, Nick is going to start teaching guitar, and between that and church stuff and going to Dr P once a week, our schedule is feeling awfully tight. We're having to make some tough decisions about how we spend our time and money. Not very fun.

I am thankful for...Audrey's quickly healing arms and legs. The allergy treatments are working wonderfully on her eczema. She hasn't looked this good in a very long time. For time alone with Nick. For rediscovering C.S. Lewis again. His writing makes my heart smile and always has. Having signed paperwork on our rental house! Waiting to find out our moving date. Should know within a week...hard to wait!

From the learning rooms...reading together, Bible study, letters and numbers... Hannah wrote her name without help or prompting for the first time! This is a huge hurdle for her! Things have been pretty simple this week as we've been dealing with sickness again.

From the kitchen...I go through times of excitement and boredom in the kitchen. Currently I'm bored and uninspired. Buying a few more things pre-prepared than usual, and I'm a little slower to keep up with the usual stuff. Sometimes I wish we could just eat out every meal, but it's not an option health-wise or budget-wise.

I am wearing...Silver brand jeans (the most reasonably-priced ones that come in a 35" inseam:) and white tee.

I am new home. In my mind. :) Mentally decorating the place...

I am a meeting about my piano curriculum today. It's been on hold for several months for a handful of reasons. It will be interesting to see what God has in mind.

I am reading...a compilation of C.S. Lewis readings called Made for Heaven. Listening to a recording of Lewis' God in the Dock. Also have a whole stack of library books waiting for me. I always want to read more than I have time for. :)

I am hoping...for good news from several places. Things seem to take a long time to work out.

I am hearing...Hannah and Audrey playing with princesses in their room. Birds chirping outside.

Around the comment.

One of my favorite things...watching Tess crawl around the apartment. She's pretty fast now. I'll take my eyes off her for a second and she's off around the corner, investigating something new. It's so fun to watch them discover stuff, everything is new.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Worship team tonight and Sunday, Dr P tomorrow, Nick will have to work quite a bit on Saturday because of coming home from work early a lot this week for piano and my meeting today. Bringing a meal to a dear friend and meeting her new sweet baby.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...posted it on FB so some of you have already seen it, but it makes me smile so here it is again. :)

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