Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have rather frequent conversations with my mom and dad about raising children. After all, they raised 5 of them. And I really respect the job they did. They aren't perfect, but they really did their best to tune into what we needed, and what God asked them to do. I'm forever grateful. And I take advantage of having their advice readily available.

The other night, mom pointed out to me that Hannah is pretty much exactly like me. I knew this, but it kind of hit me fresh in the way she explained it to me. I have a mirror to look into. All the things I hate about myself will probably be magnified in her. Whew. This presents interesting challenges, but also interesting opportunities in relating to her. As God works in my heart, I should be able to pass on to her secrets in dealing with our rather strong personality. :) But it also means that it is soooooo easy for me to react to her rather than respond.

This morning, for example. I was sick yesterday (seem to have had my first, and hopefully last, bout with mastitis. Yuck), and not feeling so hot today yet. I had finally dragged myself out of bed this morning and was sitting on the edge of the bed nursing Tessa when Audrey started yelling at me from the other room. Hannah came in to inform me that Audrey needed me (really?). I responded in frustration, tiredness and not feeling good, in a less-than-loving way. Hannah then turned around and left the room, and I heard her copy my exact tone and words to Audrey in the other room. Ugh. Time to work on my tone again. But without my little tape-recorder, I honestly would not have "heard" the I way sounded.

My dad likes to say that the purpose of this parent-child relationship is more to make the parents more like Jesus than the kids. I would tend to agree.

Do you have a mini-me? What kinds of things do you learn from him/her?

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