Saturday, September 18, 2010

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FOR TODAY, September 18, 2010

Outside my's dark now. But, we have having the glorious September weather that we have every year. 40 or 50 at night, 80 during the day. Clear and bright. Windswept, but that's common on the high plains.

I am thinking...about what we're wearing to church in the morning. I thought getting myself ready for church was hard. Try getting FOUR girls (myself included) ready for church!

I am thankful for...this week: new friends, old friends, Dr P, my family (including parents and siblings), feeling better. I woke up Tuesday feeling fine, and by 10am was absolutely miserable. Turns out I had my first (and hopefully last) bout with mastitis. Got that cleared up fairly quickly, but the headache that came with the fever remained and became migraine-ish. When we took Audrey to Dr P for her allergy treatment, he offered to adjust my neck for me, which had it better in oh...5 minutes. It tried to come back this evening, but something to eat and drink knocked it out again. So, I'm on the mend. But this week slipped away with very little accomplished - school, housework, etc.

From the learning of the great things about homeschooling, is that when people are just stop. This is okay. Kids need to understand that when they are sick, they need to stop, rest and get well. I think this teaches important lessons about rhythm of life and what's really important. The world goes on without you. :) Then, when everyone feels better, you start again.

That said, the girls just started a Wednesday night program at church called Truth Seekers. I am so excited about this, and so are they. We did their homework and learned their Bible verse for the week over breakfast this morning. I was involved in a similar program as a child and LOVED it. Hannah learns just the way I do, and made me smile as she easily picked the answers to specific questions out of the Bible reading for the week.

From the kitchen...Large amounts of leftovers and veggies to use up resulted in a pretty yummy turkey veggie wild rice soup last night, of which I will be eating for DAYS, since the kids can't and Nick probably won't eat it. Also took a meal to a family from church that just had triplets. They now have 5 boys, 4 and under. They are very blessed and very busy. :)

I am wearing...khaki skirt, white tank and black short sleeved collared shirt.

I am creating...I need to come up with another creative outlet. I could use something hands-on to do besides cooking 24/7. A cross-stitch perhaps? I haven't done one of those in 20 years probably. Wonder if Hannah's old enough for one of those little ones yet?

I am going...crazy...wanna come along? We have been waaaaay too busy the past couple of weeks. Time to say no and stay home. I think. ;)

I am reading...too many blogs and too much facebook. Time to cut back and bit and read something productive.

I am hoping...that we find out tomorrow when we'll be moving. Please, please....

I am hearing...the dishwasher. That Nick loaded. This makes me happy.

Around the the moment, it's a wreck. Being sick all week does not lend itself to keeping up with things. Hopefully we can get it back under control tomorrow. Might start packing this week, depending on what we find out?

One of my favorite things...hearing my nephew laugh hysterically at Hannah and Audrey on Thursday. Hadn't heard him laugh before! He even laughed at me a little. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nick's on worship team in the morning. Piano lessons Tuesday. Dr P on Friday. Hopefully lots of staying home and enjoying school together.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...I took NO pictures this week. Will try again. :)

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  1. I have a new chiro who is a Dr P. Dr Paterson. Who is your Dr P?