Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Questions for Friday

1. How many kids would you have, if you didn't feel limited by money, time, other resources? Be honest. :)

2. Who is your favorite Veggie Tales character?

3. What time did you get up this morning and why?

4. What thing have you always wanted to try making but haven't?

5. What smells remind you of your childhood?

Thanks to Derfwad Manor for the idea!


  1. 1. Probably 4! I like even numbers - and that way everyone has a friend. :)
    2. LarryBoy - love his theme song. Julie even had LarryBoy earrings when she was in junior high. Umm... weird.
    3. 6am - ready for a nap now!
    4. Homemade marinara sauce
    5. The smell of fudge - we made "Momma's fudge" (Grampa's mom's recipe, I think) over and over again growing up until we finally got it right.

  2. 1. 6

    2. Larry boy,

    3. 6:15 my 9 month old "alarm clock" was ready to get up.

    4. sewing clothes would be so fun...if only time would allow.

    5. Cream Soda- reminds me of my Grandpa's restaurant, and old magazines and newspapers remind me of my "ouma" who had piles and piles of magazines that she would clip articles and pictures out. The smell makes me think of looking through her clippings when I was little. :)

    That was fun! :)

  3. I'll answer my own questions...

    1. This seems to change day-to-day. Some days I feel three is fantastic, other days I'd be up for 8 or 9, especially as the kids get older and can help. Guess we'll see what happens. :)

    2. Jr. Asparagus.

    3. 6:45 the first time, then I convinced everyone to go lay in bed and play quietly/doze till 8:30ish.

    4. I think it qualifies - refinishing furniture. :)

    5. Sooo many...Gramma's house, butter and honey on bread, apricots, Christmas trees...

  4. 1 - 8. it's scary to type that... can anyone see your blog? ;) then again, we'd love to foster if we have space someday.

    2 - Laura... so cute.

    3 - 7:55 because the smell of coffee that Kyle made was calling to me.

    4 - I want to write a book someday.

    5 - onions cooking in butter, cow manure (because I grew up on a dairy), freshly mowed grass, vegetables from the garden with that dusty smell

  5. 1. 4 kids.
    2. Jr. Asperagus
    3. 6:30 - was supposed to be 7 on my morning off of preschool but Tucker set his alarm incorrectly. :(
    4. The perfect, squishy soft GF bread...
    5. Onions sauteeing in a pan, nachos in the oven, wassel at the holidays.

  6. 1. 4-I would love to have 3 boys & 1 girl. Guess we will just have to see what God has planned & how He brings the rest of our children :)

    2. Larry the cucumber.

    3. 6:30am. Both boys & Nita (our dog) were up early, so I was too.

    4. I would like to take singing lessons.

    5. Cinnamon reminds me of my Grandma making strawberry jello with applesauce and melting red hots in it.

  7. 1. 5
    2. The Creator of the Snoodles, who tells the little Snoodle that he made him to soar and draws him a new picture of himself.
    3.7 somethingish - because there are 4 males in my home who apparently can't make it without me.
    4. Play an instrument proficiently
    5. the smell of smoothies remind me of my dad. the smell of hyacynth reminds me of my mom.

  8. 1. 7 kids.
    2. Larry Cucumber
    3. 6:30 am. We went to the zoo.
    4. no clue
    5. freshly mowed lawn, humid places.