Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What should I feed my kids? Part three...

Ok, so, where do you even find all this weird food?

I'm glad you asked. :)

1. Find a local chapter of the Weston Price Foundation. Seriously. These guys are awesome. Want to know all there is to know about making your own probiotic foods? They can tell you. Contacts with ranchers, farmers, farm fresh eggs, you-name-it. They often do group orders of products to get bulk discounts and cut down on shipping. Not to mention, they are fanatical about being healthy and it is both totally hysterical and completely inspiring. If you're here local and want to come, the next meeting is Saturday, May 14th. Come with me!

2. Real live butchers. Most supermarkets don't have these anymore, but often you can find them. Here, we actually have a natural meat market that's awesome. Any kind of meat you can think of, they have! It's not as cheap as direct from the rancher, but there's lots of variety and they'll do special orders.

3. Health food stores. Take your time and look at everything. Read labels. You'll be amazed at what you find! Here we have locally or regionally-owned stores as well as Whole Foods. Often the smaller stores are cheaper, but not for every product. Shop around!

4. Realmilk.com. Here's where and how to get raw milk. Depending on the laws in your state, you might have to jump through some hoops. Here in Colorado, farmers actually sell you a share of their herd, and you pay monthly "boarding fees" in return for milk. In California, raw milk is totally legal without the goofiness. Also go to that site and do some reading if you still think raw milk is dangerous. Please. :)

5. Customprobiotics.com. I haven't ordered here yet, but have heard great things and plan to soon. Talk about buying in bulk! Their bottle will last hundreds of doses! According to GAPS, you only need to take their "baby" dose every day to stay healthy.

6. Co-op/bulk ordering. Azurestandard.com is great. A friend heads up group orders from Golden Organics and Frontier Organics and the prices are only 5% over wholesale plus shipping. (The prices on the sites are retail).

7. Join a CSA. This is something we haven't actually done yet, but would like to. You buy a share of a farm's crop and in return get regular deliveries of veggies during harvest. A variation on this is to do something like Door to Door Organics. (Let me know if you want to try Door to Door. I can send ya a coupon!)

8. Join Gnowfglins' eCourse. I have read Wardeh's blog for years, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I offered to teach gluten free modifications to her awesome sourdough course, and she accepted! I get paid a small percentage of the sourdough course each month, as well as any other sales I direct to the site, just so you know. But even if I wasn't involved, I would wholeheartedly recommend this course! She teaches you how to cook healthy food. Period. Everything from cooking dry beans, to making your own stock, to making anything under the sun out of sourdough, to even making your own cheese and sour cream! If you don't know how to cook and have no idea where to start, take the course, watch Wardeh make the different foods on video, ask all your questions in the forums, get foolproof recipes, and before you know it, you'll be a master chef. OK, maybe not. But you'll surely make progress. ;)

I hope this gives you some resources to find healthy food for you and your family. If nothing else, spend some time clicking around and checking it all out. If healthy eating is new to you, it can seem very overwhelming. Just pick one thing to learn about, and start reading. If you want to, you can be an expert before you know it! I'm always happy to answer questions as well.

Health is something I believe God wants for everyone. When we make these kinds of positive changes, we can serve Him better, because we spend less time being sick all the time! We're also caring for the temple of the Holy Spirit in a way that is honoring to Him. Our modern lifestyles and society are hard on our bodies, but these things can help build your body back up to its full intended strength and vitality. I pray health for you and your families - spiritual, physical, emotional...

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