Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Links I Loved Recently

Pickled Radishes. Aren't you intrigued? I am intrigued. Plus it'll give me something to do with the radishes that I harvest from my garden, since nobody ever eats them. Ha!

Neat homeschooling stuff - One of these sites has paper toys you can print and fold, for free. Cool!

Green Cleaning - I seriously clean everything in my house with vinegar, baking soda and water. I really like her suggestions on cutting down on paper products. We still use a lot of paper. Cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, and rags instead of paper towels would save us money and trees. ;)

Homeschooling methods to keep you sane, from an experienced homeschool mom. She is also writing a lot about using the McGuffy Primer right now, something I'm fascinated by. We will probably get a set for our kids to use!

A good reminder about how to make friends who encourage you.

Questions to spark conversation. I was taught to make conversation by asking people about themselves. Lately I find many people never learned this skill and feel very awkward if there is a lull in the conversation. It is fairly easy to memorize some universal questions that you can whip out in a pinch, and learn something about people while you're at it! I always like new question ideas!

What neat things have you found recently?

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  1. Howdy! I FINALLY added your "new" blog address to my reader and I'm here catching up! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! We've started a GAPS sort of diet also, although not quite as strictly. It's been going very well, so I may consider jumping in all the way in the next month or so. We'll see...