Monday, May 9, 2011

In the past five days...

I have...

-dealt with another severe allergic reaction to food (Hannah)
-driven all three kids to a Dr's appointment in Denver by myself
-gone to a small claims court hearing in yet another chapter of the crook landlord saga
-practiced and prepared two different worship sets, totaling 12 songs
-typed out all 12 songs into powerpoint so we could display the words
-shopped for a birthday present
-led worship
-attended my nephew's first birthday party
-led worship again, this time with a migraine aura that made my left hand numb and my left eye nearly blind
-had a migraine for 8 hours
-got the kids ready for church by myself while Nick led worship
-attempted to open a bottle of water kefir, the cap literally exploded and sent kefir flying THROUGH a kitchen towel, and onto the kitchen ceiling, window, me in my church clothes ready to go out the door, the counter...
-attempted to take a nap while the kids protested
-hung out at my parents' house for Mother's Day
-went out on a date with Nick (yay!)
-ate large amounts of rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods and felt good afterward (yay!)
-looked at books about greenhouses at B&N
-made turkey stock
-made dried kiwi
-cleaned bag balm off the cat...
-wiped up MORE mysteriously spilled water kefir
-cleaned my bathroom except for the floor (which also needs it)
-locked myself in the pantry and had a meltdown while poor Nick tried to encourage me and the kids yelled

And this afternoon? I will be either making myself a kefir strawberry banana smoothie and taking a nap, or playing in my garden during naptime. Whichever I FEEL like I wanna do, gosh!


  1. I think you need to do what you wanna do :) You're a good Mommy. Thank you for being so real in your blog. Love you my friend!!

  2. I can totally relate to the Mommy can't nap thing. I wouldn't let my mom nap when I was a kid either. Playtime just isn't fun if you can't check in with mom and tell her about it periodically.

  3. Elizabeth - I figure we can all relate to the "breakdown" moments. ;) Thank you. Love you too!

  4. (((Sara)))

    We all want our kids to survive childhood, but the real wonder is that of adults surviving parenthood!! Good for you for finding your way to the pantry for a good detox cry! :)

  5. Baden, you can say that again! :)

  6. "Cleaned bag balm off the cat"?! I sympathize, but can't help laughing! On days like those, call us to see if Alex is available!

  7. I'm laughing too. Still. :) He looks like he has a spiked punk hairdo. Poor cat!