Thursday, October 21, 2010

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FOR TODAY, October 21, 2010

Outside my window...wispy, light clouds that are filtering the sun and making it colder than it should be. Our big backyard - firepit that we've yet to use (marshmallow roasting, anyone?), natural high prairie, a few small trees, a handful of zucchini plants from our landlord's garden that are hanging on just a bit longer.

I am thinking...about what to do next. I keep reminding myself of the good advice that is often echoed among homemakers and homeschoolers blogs - just "do the next thing." One thing at a time, it gets done. But the hard part is deciding what that next thing is...lots of prayer in this area lately.

I am thankful for...for a home. We like the layout of this house better than the one we moved from. For Tess FINALLY deciding to take some bites of sweet potato for me last night. Being the sole source of nourishment for another human being, for going on 19 months (including pregnancy) was becoming quite a chore. A woman can only eat so much!

From the learning to pack a box, how to organize a dresser drawer, time in the backyard, exercise on the trampoline, reading together. The past weeks have been focused on moving, but these are needed life lessons as well.

From the kitchen...a fresh gluten free sourdough starter, and some gingerbread experimenting soon to follow. The newest lesson on the sourdough ecourse is gingerbread made with sourdough starter. :)

I am linen pants, flowered cream thermal shirt, green tee.

I am new home. I'm actually having a blast dreaming up decor and places for pictures. We put the kids to bed early last night and I worked until 11pm. I'm feeling much better about things today than I was yesterday. Caring for kids is a full-time job by itself, and trying to unpack and set up a house sure gets overwhelming. I sincerely hope this is the last time for a looooong time.

I am Denver for Audrey's allergy treatment tomorrow. Aside from that, our plans are to stick close to home...oh, and get the apartment cleaned out.

I am reading...a chronological Bible reading plan at Right now I'm in the Psalms of David. It's really interesting to read the Psalms he wrote, surrounded by the historical events that took place in his life. Helps you gain perspective about how he sought God during difficult times. And, it makes me wanna write worship songs....more than usual.

I am hoping...that everything works out to finally sell our Jetta next week. It's looking like a go!

I am hearing...Hannah and Audrey playing together, Tess objecting to being gated away from where they're playing.

Around the house...unpacking, decorating, unpacking some more...

(after a three hour hiatus, I'm able to continue this post. :))

One of my favorite things...that all three children are sleeping AT THE SAME TIME right now. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Dr P appointment for Audrey, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, church, more unpacking.

Here is picture for thought I am of the many faces of Tessa...

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