Friday, October 8, 2010

Five Questions for Friday

1.What's something you are good at?

2. What's something you are not good at?

3. What's the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

4. What is your dream gift, to give or receive, if money were no object?

5. What's your favorite flower?


  1. 1. I can get stuff done if I put my mind to it. Nick never knows what project he will come home to. :)

    2. Empathy. I have to really stop and think about how other people feel. Doesn't come naturally.

    3. Tessa. She's hysterical.

    4. A house.

    5. I like pretty much all of them, except cut mums. They get stinky too fast. But I like the plants just fine. :)

  2. 1. I am good at encouraging others.

    2. I am not good at being crafty.

    3. I am not sure...I laugh at my boys all the time, when they something that I was not expecting to come out of their mouths. Maybe I need to laugh more :)

    4. My dream gift is free, my dream gift would be that all would see that accepting Jesus is the greatest gift of all. And that those I love and care for would all accept Christ into their hearts. There is nothing else I would want except to see those I love in eternity with me.

    5. I don't have a favorite flower, I love the thought from others when I get them. And when I buy my own I buy what I am in the mood for that day.

  3. 1. Listening...I need to tote a psychiatrist couch around with me I think.

    2. Exercising consistently.

    3. Definitely my kids, or maybe my husband. My family is funny.

    4. It may be a stretch here, but I'd love to give and recieve contentment.

    5. Sunflowers!