Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I realize I am somewhat unique in this, but I thrive on change. Whenever I see people complain about how they hate change, I laugh to myself. I realize that sometimes there are things that you love, that are hard to leave behind. I do experience that. When we moved from our house to the apartment this spring, I shed many tears over that change. But I was still energized by a new place, a new home to set up. Nothing will drive me to depression faster than feeling like the way things are today, is the way they will always be. I want life to continually improve. I want to continually grow.

We're currently in waiting mode about our move. We know it will happen sometime this month, but we don't know when. And it's driving me crazy. Part of me wants to attack the packing with everything I've got, knowing that I can accomplish a lot of it and be ready to go. The other part of me says we might have three more weeks here and most of what's in the apartment, out of necessity, gets used frequently. Arg. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. Change, please come soon!

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