Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Hiding

I have a peculiar habit when I get overwhelmed - I go into hiding.

I'm by no means unhappy right now. We are enjoying our new house, the kids are doing well, things are looking up. But I feel like I have so much to do that it's hard for me to play or even talk much. The curse of being "Martha" at heart? I suppose. Though I also think there are seasons for this. Stabilizing. Creating routine and structure. Accomplishing things around the house. Forming family culture without outside influences.

Of course, if we did this long-term, it wouldn't be healthy. And it won't last forever. For the time being, I'm finding myself looking forward to doing laundry and putting it away clean. To hanging pictures and deciding where to store DVDs. To reading Little House on the Prairie and memorizing Bible verses for Wednesday nights at church. To bringing in yet more boxes from the garage and rediscovering things we haven't seen in a few months.

Life is quiet. I'm grateful.

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