Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Questions for...MY Friday. :)

1. What's the last thing you cooked?

2. What color is the thing closest to your left hand (other than the computer)?

3. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

4. How many times have you watched the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown movie?

5. Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Not much time for blogging lately. Life has been crazy, and full of details that aren't good for posting in blogs. However, God is faithful, my children are healthy, my husband is terrific, and I can't wait for rest and time with our family this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! God bless!


  1. 1. Turkey sausage and hot rice cereal for breakfast

    2. My iphone cover is pink. :)

    3. Angels We Have Heard on High

    4. Probably 100. Though I can't for the life of me remember much about it. Have to watch it again!

    5. Prior to being GF, probably stuffing. Though I have made GF stuffing every year, I haven't perfected it yet. It comes out too dry. I will be trying again this year! I'd have to say sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes rank highest, with plenty of butter that I will later regret.

  2. 1.Chicken Tortilla Soup for Tues. lunch
    2.My cell phone.
    3.Jingle Bells.
    4.No idea, I have watched every year as long as I can remember. And now I have kids.
    5.I have to pick just one? Ummmm.....yams made fresh not from the can. And I can not forget about homemade mashed potatoes.

  3. 1. Belgian waffle with blueberries using my absolute favorite baking mix: Paula's Gluten-Free Baking Mix. (Makes an incredible banana bread too!)

    2. Purple and purple. My purple encased iphone sitting atop my the arm of my purple armchair. :)

    3. What Child Is This? Always makes me well up when we sing it Christmas Eve at service.

    4. I don't know. In fact I'm only remembering the Great Pumpkin and the Christmas one where Linus reads from Luke.

    5. I like our Stuffing. My Grandma Faye (who passed away) taught me how to make it and my mom and I will be making it tomorrow morning, first thing!