Monday, August 30, 2010

A Rant...

Fascinating post that tells the story of a family's journey to heal their son's autism.

As an aside, (basically unrelated to the post, I know nothing about the author's spiritual leanings) I find it interesting and strange that "natural" medicine is often only embraced by people with a New Age world view, and is often outright rejected by Christians. If we believe that God created our bodies in amazing ways, then we ought to believe that our bodies can be healed if we will only work with them in the way God intended them to work. As it is, the people who think we evolved from apes have more faith in our bodies' Very strange. Very backward.

I have a child who I firmly believe would have been diagnosed autistic, if it hadn't been for avoiding vaccines and being diagnosed with gluten intolerance early. She has a sensitive system, moreso than most perhaps. But, sooner or later, the onslaught of chemicals and toxins we can be exposed to on a daily basis is sure to catch up with even the strongest ones.

This doesn't mean we live in fear. I think it's very common for this to lead to fear-based decisions for our children. Our children are still in God's hands, no matter how many "best" choices we make for them. But it does mean keeping our eyes open. It means paying attention, not just accepting the status quo. And I think it means never giving up on finding answers to the health issues our children may have. Never settling into a sense of "this is the way it has to be." That's not a comfortable way to live, I can say from firsthand experience. But our kids are too precious, have too much to accomplish in the world that needs them, for us to give up and allow them to function at a level that is lower than they were intended to function. Never give up. There are answers. There have to be. God works miracles every day.

OK. Who else needs the soapbox today?

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  1. I love this. For whatever, before the "A" word even entered our vocabulary, I refused to settle and I thank God for the drive he gave me to figure it out. :)

    Thanks for making me smile today.