Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Recipes I've tried recently:

Pesto Crusted Salmon - Made the pesto with basil from my garden. Nick and I LOVED it. Kids ate it, reluctantly. Yummy!

Thai "No Peanut" Sauce - We put this on top of stir-fried chicken and veggies. Delicious. Big hit all around.

Peanut butter and jelly cookies - I actually didn't have any jelly that day, so I just used this recipe as the framework for almond butter cookies since we avoid peanuts here. I used the standard peanut butter cookie criss-cross fork pattern on top, and actually I also substituted chia seed gel for the egg. Ha! This recipe wasn't really that much like what she posted. But they came out delicious!

Herb Crackers - these are light, delicate and tasty! Pretty quick to make too.


How to eat healthy while traveling
Do you or anyone you know suffer from PCOS (or really, any other female problems)? An unconventional approach that I find compelling.
Why Homebirth? We're not stupid, really. I promise. :)


Child training with grace and love. Love it. Our kids will learn their first ideas about who God is from the way their parents treat them. We MUST honor our kids.
Managers of their homes - On my wish list. Anybody have this/use it? I'm particularly interested in their ideas about making a family schedule work with a baby.

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Honor's Reward

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