Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Life is a series of challenges. You can choose to meet them head on or have them roll over you. The difference will be the quality of your life. -Bill Hodges

I have this mental image of the type of mother/wife/person I want to be. Calm, flexible, happy, industrious, creative, fun, giving... Sometimes though, the one-thing-after-another that seems to be life with three + children gets to me. This happened today. I'll spare you the details, but a husband with a migraine, crying children, a missing dog, government agencies, and other...um...fun events were included. Until this afternoon I called my mom saying I don't like this job and I don't want to do it anymore!

I don't like getting like that.

Because the truth is, I love my kids. I love my home. We have an awesome church. Our life is full of so many blessings. And I wish more than anything that I could always keep a good perspective when things get hard. The dog came home, the headache went away, the kids are having a blast with the neighbor kids tonight; something always gives. Just not necessarily before I do. 

How do you stay sane in the day-to-day challenges of life? What helps you?


  1. Thank you for being transparent, Sara. I have those days too, and I feel awful afterward! Deep down, I know it's just my flesh acting out, and God forgives me when I ask, but I'm a perfectionist in many areas, and parenting is one of them. When I fall short, I'm pretty hard on myself. As for the staying sane in day-to-day challenges of life... well, let me know when you find out. Ha! ;o)

  2. Found your blog through Gnowfglins which I found through Wellness Mama which I found through Conversion Diary. Whew! That's a lot of clicks.

    I can totally relate to your post. I love my children but it seems like since we expanded to four (adopted our fourth in December) I haven't been loving my job as wife and mother as much as I used to. I am so thankful for the grace-filled moments I get each day because I wouldn't make it through the rest of the yuck. Lately what I have been doing (besides seeing a therapist) is cutting myself some slack and if I need to, I give myself a "time-out" in the bedroom to just read, nap, or blog.

    So glad I found you. My husband and I have had to go gluten-free for health reasons and I am intrigued by your sourdough e-course with gf modifications.