Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Questions for Friday

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Where did this week go?

1. Most importantly, why in the world does my dog smell SO BAD??!!

2. Would you rather have snow in July, or spring in January?

3. What is your favorite herb or spice?

4. Do you know your neighbors' names?

5. What's the song in your head today?


  1. 1. If I knew the answer to your question, I'd be able to answer the same for my dog :)

    2.I'd rather have snow in July, it would be a nice break from the summer heat.


    4.I know 8 out of 11.

    5."The Boat Song", JJ Heller

  2. This is a test comment to see if I can figure out how to do this. :-)

  3. I just love this post. I came across your blog from Gnowfglins. I was happy to see that you are gluten free. I'm more intrigued now.

    But I must answer your questions!
    1. She's old. She really doesn't smell that bad..but her breath..well. She is 17 and on cancer meds. What can we expect. But she still acts like she's a puppy so we are happy.
    2. Spring in January. I hate the cold. hate it hate it. I'm trying my best to figure out if we can move somewhere warmer. For some reason we are having wayyyyy to much snow here in NC this year.
    3. That may be a tie between Basil and Cumin. It depends on the dish. But I hate Cilantro. I don't think my taste and Elizabeth's taste go together at all. Isn't it nice that people are different?
    4. Most of them. I keep forgetting the name of the woman who lives across the street from me, but she's just the sweetest thing.
    5. Phineas and Ferb's Theme Song...yes I was watching cartoons.

    cute questions.

  4. Wendy, thanks for visiting! :) Hope you'll be back!

  5. Never got around to answering my own questions last week...

    1. I have no idea. I know that if he eats certain leftovers, it's far worse...eggs, sweet potato are the worst.
    2. Spring in January. I'm not a cold weather girl.
    3. I love using herbs in my cooking. Majoram is a favorite. I've been using Summer Savory the past few weeks, after seeing it in a recipe. Yum.
    4. No! I've only lived here since October. Is that an excuse? I think not a very good one.
    5. Sleeping Beauty, since my girls are watching it.

  6. I missed your Friday questions the passed two weeks?? :)

  7. Ha! Just keep swimming...just keep swimming... This is what I tell myself. :)