Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Questions for Friday

1. If you could teleport, where would you go right now? Can be anywhere, anytime.

2. Cats or dogs? Why?

3. What are you asking for, for Christmas?

4. What are you most excited to give for Christmas?

5. How do you like your oatmeal?


  1. 1. To Walt Disney World. They make such a big deal about it on the television that I want to go and see what the fuss is about. Not to mention, have a place that hasn't been ruined for me by working there. ;)
    2. Dogs. Dogs are so much more easy to read, and they're almost always blissfully happy. :)
    3. A desktop fountain. It'll hopefully help me de-stress after long days of school.
    4. I read a book (Gilead by M. Robinson) this quarter that I enjoyed soo much I want to give it to someone. Haven't decided on who yet though.
    5. In a box and out of my sight. Oatmeal makes my tummy hurt.

  2. 1. To somewhere warm and beachy. I do not enjoy cold, and would really like some warm sunshine.

    2. Cats. I do not like to be slobbered on. One bit. I wish my Toby did not slobber. I would like him so much more. He currently has a string of slobber across the top of his nose. It makes me want to gag a little. ;)

    3. Clothes, some kitchen stuff, a massage. :)

    4. Something Nick will love, that I have yet to decide on. He is usually the last person to get the things he needs/wants, and I love giving him gifts.

    5. I can only eat oatmeal if it's GF oats that are soaked overnight. Any other kind make me super sick. I love it with maple syrup...yum...

  3. 1. ANYWHERE there is a beach. As long as it's not a Texas beach - ew.
    2. Cats. They are so snuggly!
    3. Clothes, some nude-colored work shoes, and a new purse since the one I have won't zip!
    4. I made a picture book of our wedding for my Grammas on both sides. I meant to send pictures sooner, but oh well. Better late than never. :)
    5. I don't eat oatmeal. Something about the texture...blech.

  4. I am onlly going to answer a few

    1. Under the hands of an excellent massage therapist and some very hot stones, oceanside at the Four Seasons Menele Bay in Lanai.

    2. Completely depends on the animal. A good snuggly cat is nice. And our Newfie, Hurley is a good cuddler too. But I know many of each that I would want nothing to do with.

    5. With a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk and cream.